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Wesley Newman performs in clown as Baloo Baphoon creating Balloon Animals, and Magic. He has performed at Birthday Parties, Hospitals, Assisted Living Residences, Local Festivals, County Fairs, Weddings, and Family Reunions. He has attended many training courses including: Mooseburger University in 1994, MooseCamp in 1997, Next Step Christian clown conference in 2006, Family Entertainers Workshop in 2006, 2009, 2010, and has volunteered at Reach-up Headstart in 2005. Wesley also teaches children the art of clowning and the love of entertaining.


Deborah Nelson performs as Twinkie the Clown.  She is a skilled face painter and enjoys making people happy from the very young to the not so young.  She uses techniques that she utilizes on canvas as well as learning from her co-workers and videos to create works of art.   Deborah has painted many faces at birthday parties, local festivals and county fairs.

Her love for people young and old keep her doing what she does best.... having fun and clowning around.

twinkie Deborah Nelson

Lexi Dingmann performs as Silly Lilly. She is a relatively new clown and has developed a real talent for Balloon Twisting. Lexi has experience entertaining children since 2010 with her local children’s ministry and youth groups. She enjoys working and playing with all ages and enjoys the company of everyone, bringing fun and laughter to all events.

Angel Schlangen is professional face and body painter that has lived in the St. Cloud area for most of her life. She started clowning around five years ago and now there is almost nothing she enjoys more. She is advanced in both the face paint and the balloon creations as well so if you think that she would make a good addition to your next event, don't hesitate to call!

Shari Newman performs as Mz. Tootsie creating Balloon Animals. She has performed at Birthday Parties, Assisted Living Residences, Local Festivals, County Fairs, and Family Reunions. She has attended training courses including: Family Entertainers Workshop in 2009, 2010. Shari has been entertaining all ages for many years from helping at senior living to keeping children happy family get together. She enjoys making everyone smile and have a good time.

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Wesley Newman

Angel Schlangen


Deborah Nelson


Shari Newman

Mz Tootsie

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